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Our philosophy is to understand the purpose of the website, who is expected to visit it and who will maintain it. If you browse some small business or school websites you will quickly discover that sites are often not regularly updated. This has the consequence that information available is out of date and the scope for the web to generate business by communicating special deals or simplify the provision of information has not been taken.
For schools

We believe its important to use the web to provide
  • Newsletters
  • An archive of letters
  • Photo galleries
  • Calendar of Events
By using for news; for photos; a google calendar for events etc it is possible to integrate standard functionality in a non-proprietary way. As a result costs are reduced and widely used straight-forward capabilities are available to update information. We do favour using proprietary functionality including a MySQL database as a CMS (Content Management System) with a simple form for uploading PDF, Word, Publisher or Excel documents. Obviously, once or twice a year other pages, including the prospectus, need updating and where schools do not have their own IT staff familiar with web page editing software we can provide an all inclusive service.
For business

Businesses tend to differ in terms of their target customers and maturity of their customer base. There's no such thing as a standard business website. However, for many small businesses its possible to create a few pages with some appropriate and eye catching graphics in a couple of days. We are happy to offer a range of services tailored to your circumstances:
  • Domain name registration
  • Domain hosting (out-sourced)
  • Business profile
  • Customer testimonials
  • Product and service information
  • Email addresses
  • On-line shops
  • Facebook advertising
  • Search engine submission and optimisation
If you would like to give Keith a call on 01386 870153 or send an email we would be happy to discuss your requirements and how we would propose to help.
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